Cat Litter-Robot Accessories Kit

The Cat Litter Robot III Open Air does an excellent job of automating the scooping job. However, as we all know and love every cat is an individual and has its own needs (or demands). Some of these accessories can help modify the Litter Robot to perfectly match your cat's requirements, while others are additional supplies to replenish if you are running low.

If your kitty is a digger and sends litter sailing out of your Litter-Robot onto the floor or just likes to hang its tail outside the unit, try the Fence accessory, it provides a barrier to stop litter flying out and any unpleasant accidents.

If you have older cat or one that jumps out try the Litter-Robot Ramp which adds three shallow steps from the floor to the Globe, providing a gentle walkway for your cat to enter and exit the Litter-Robot.

Carbon filters getting a little old, or starting to get a little more odor? Consider replacing the filters or seals with our filter replacement kit or filter and seal replacement kit.

The waste drawer liners are a good alternative for those who are looking for ecologically friendly liners since these are biodegradable. These liners fit perfectly in the waste drawer and help reduce plastic waste in the environment.  So if you want to reduce plastic waste in our planet, these liners are your perfect choice.

If you have any questions about any of our accessories, or if you simply like more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team are always happy to help!