Do you only ship from Australia or do you have agent in NZ- we live in Auckland. What’s the delivery period from order?

We have a warehouse in Auckland with Litter-Robot in stock. Shipping is typically the next working day from order, and tracking is provided. As a tip, make sure you have your cats using suitable clay clumping litter in their manual system BEFORE introducing the Robot, as familiar litter will help them recognise the Robot is the new litter box, just a different shape, and will make transition faster and easier for all.

Some feedback on fitting the cat sensor, DIY style! I found the repair guide rather complicated. I ended up using a pair of pliers to hold the nut, while I unscrewed the foot.

I then put a screw into a flattened cardboard box, and sat the foot on the screw then pressed the unit down so the bolt came through, then did the nut up finger tight, before using the pliers to bring the bolt through the nut 2-3 threads as per the picture.
Much easier than the instructions! :)

I used to find the cat sensor the more difficult repair (I do the repairs) but when I got hold of a socket that fitted the bottom nut to push it up so the thread pops through, it got easier. I think your solution is elegantly simple!

Help! My cat sensor is not working on my new Litter Robot!

Test the cat sensor is working. Press down on top of globe and release. Repeat until you get a solid red light activated. Solid red light =sensor is working. Check the Robot is on flat level floor, nothing touching or underneath. You need approx 4.5kg litter inside the globe, empty waste drawer. With solid blue light, press RESET once. Blue light will blink. Cat sensor software is calibrated. Also can adjust mechanically if needed. Retest.

My Litter Robot has been playing up a bit lately - it keeps stopping mid-cycle but normally pressing the reset button sorts it out. I've taken it apart, done the full clean, etc and it was still happening. It then got stuck with the flashing cycle light (x2 a second) and nothing would budge it. I watched one of the litter robot videos online and thought it may be the pinch plate was dirty, or had a build up of litter jamming it, etc. I've had a look/clean and it seems the pinch plate is starting to corrode. I've wiped it down to remove any dust, etc and it is working again but I'm not sure how long it will hold up with the corrosion starting. Is it possible to order a replacement part for this? If so - I don't suppose you have any suggestions/tutorials for installing the new part?

Slow flashing yellow or cycle button usually indicates an issue with the Bonnet.

Remove the bonnet from the Robot.

Give the silver tabs visible left side edge (2) a good wipe with a dry clean cloth to ensure there is no corrosion or residue on the metal. If they have black residue on them at all (wear marks) then this needs to be cleaned off with either fine sandpaper or a nail file or knife, avoiding scoring the surface, as a good clean contact is needed between the metal surfaces where they touch.

You can also bend these tabs inwards (towards the centre of the bonnet) a little, by say 2-3mm, to increase pressure on the connection to the base contacts when you refit the bonnet. Its important to have good contact for the power to flow well.

Please also check and if needed, clean the base silver tabs the bonnet tabs connect to when the bonnet is in place. The silver tabs are connectors to let the current circulate from base to bonnet light and back again, and they need to be cleaned for good connection. Photos of these parts can help with diagnosis

Refit the bonnet, noting the following:

The bonnet has 2 tabs at the back corners.

These need to be inserted in the slots in the base before you lean it forward towards you, and secure the front 2 longer clips.

You can test if the bonnet is securely fitted by trying to lift the Robot by the bonnet (fingers in the holes in the sides of the bonnet).

If the bonnet lifts off, then it is not secured.

When secured, plug in the Robot and turn on again, and review what occurs – light colours and if solid or flashing is helpful.

I'm considering getting the LR3 and was wondering if the Scoop Away clumping litter from Costco is suitable to use?

I have not purrsonally used Costco as Im not able to access it easily. However, some customers have reported the Costco clay clumping litter, with carbon, is good. Try and avoid scented litters as they are detrimental to the carbon filter, and also stronger in the globe.

Is it possible to get replacement liners for the litter robot by any chance? (And are they easy to replace)
Ours is not smooth anymore and everything is sticking and not clearing out properly.

We do have the rubber liners available, in limited stock, so please request if needed, noting they are relatively easy to fit.

If you dont need the liner yet, I have had a couple of suggestions to see if you can help unstick things.

After a good wash and dry, spray on Canola cooking oil, and wipe off residue.

Or try furniture polish instead of the Canola oil.

How long does the back up battery last for? Is the battery rechargeable? Can a battery be used instead of connecting to mains? Thanks.

The backup battery life depends on use. The article here should assist for information and purchase The Litter-Robot does need to be plugged into the mains, with the battery rechargeable as a backup option if you have power failure, but not a substitute for mains connection.

I'm interested in a litter robot, but greatly prefer using Rufus and Coco corn clumping litter - we've been very impressed with it's clumping speed, odor control and etc. Has anyone mentioned using this in the robot and if they liked it?

My concern with clay litter is the environmental impact. I'd like to keep using a litter that's biodegradable. I know you mentioned applaws walnut but I'm hoping by now maybe someone has given feedback on the corn clumping ones.

The Litter-Robot is designed to use clay clumping litter, with size and weight of the particles important to the sieving process.

Unfortunately, Rufus & Coco is too large and too light, so unsuitable for use in the Litter-Robot. I have actually tried it personally, and even when chopped up finely, it still will not drop through the sieve, resulting in the litter being dumped into the waste drawer, clean or soiled.

I have also tried Cat's Best, and found the same issue.

Worlds Best Corn Clumping Litter, which is very fine (polenta style) is suitable, but difficult to obtain and it seems to be less favoured by cats.

Applaws is light, but as its very fine (sawdust) it works according to some of my customers. I have not tried it myself.

Note that the Litter-Robot is very good environmentally, as it reduces your waste by scooping efficiently, and re-laying the clean litter, which means you dont need to throw out your litter each week. My usage with 1 cat is approx 1kg per week (clay clumping litter), so your pawprint is reduced significantly compared to throwing out the tray contents each week and replacing. For me, that was about 4kg per week. Now its 1kg, topping up, not throwing out, clean litter.

Im also eco-minded, and when I do a deep clean (fully empty and wash the Robot), I retain the clean litter. Its easy with a little planning.

Put a new liner in the waste drawer. Press EMPTY and dump the remaining (clean) litter from globe to drawer. Remove drawer and leave out for your cats to use whilst you clean the Robot. Wash the globe, wipe over bonnet and base as per the manufacturers recommendations. Reassemble Tip the contents of the tray back into the globe, place liner back in drawer, and waste tray back in Robot.

Turn on and the Robot will scoop the litter on first cycle, cleaning it, and off you go again with minimum waste and still, no scooping.

For suitable litter, if you do consider clay, look for

  1. low dust
  2. fast clumping
  3. carbon or activated charcoal for summer odour help

Do purchase something without scent, or with carbon or activated charcoal, to absorb odours, to help with odour control in summer, if available.

I bought the litter robot years ago and I love it, but the problem is my cat always wet their paws so the clay litter will on their paws walks around my house, so do you have any suggestion that which non clay litter can working perfectly with litter robot~ thanks

There are a couple of possible solutions.

The stairs or ramp is very good at collecting litter from paws as your cats leave the Robot, as its designed with curved steps to do this job. However it does take extra room.

For litter, we do not specifically recommend any litter, as each owner needs to use what is most suitable to them, their cats and climate.

However, for tracking, I have a number of customers who have advised they use Applaws (crushed walnut shell) with success in the Robot.

It is light, so if you have any issue with the cat sensor, please ask for information on adjustment to suit.

We are wanting to purchase the LR3. When I try checkout it tells me that there are no shipping options and to get in contact.

Sorry you are having an issue with the website. If you put in your postcode, and press return or enter, you should show shipping. Tabbing through doesnt pick up the postcode!

how do you find kittens deal with this robot?

The Litter-Robot works by a cat sensor that recognises when a cat enters, and is a weight based activation. For this to work, minimum weight is 2.25kg. For kittens, the automatic cleaning does not activate as they are too light. Some customers still purchase the Robot as they prefer to set up one system from the start. Manual cycling (semi-automatic) where you push the cycle button, still provides hands free scooping. Also, as one of the safety features, being the cycle stops when a cat enters the Robot, is also weight activated. If using with a kitten, then supervision during cycle is required (approx 2 minutes) to ensure there are no issue as the safety feature will not activate.

Can you confirm delivery process please? Will I get a window from the courier re delivery time? It’s difficult because I live alone and work in the city. What can we arrange?

thank you for your consideration about delivery - good to get in place early ;o)

If you order today, it will ship next working day (Monday) from Syndey. ETA to Melbourne is next day (Tuesday), so delivery Tuesday or Wednesday more likely.

Tracking is not great, with anticipated day but thats only about 80% correct.

Your options are:

  1. Delivery to home on a specified day after earliest possible delivery
  2. Delivery to work (please provide company name in order and reception ok to sign)
  3. Authority to leave (at your risk) if you have somewhere safe, noting is a big box !
  4. Hold at the courier Dept (Border Express) and you collect when you can

For taking it home in a normal car, the Litter- Robot fits in a passenger seat, and does not criticise your driving lol!

The box and support material flat packs so you can fold and take with you too.

Please put your instructions briefly in the comments box when completing your order.

Do ask if you need further assistance!

Do you deliver to Sunbury, VIC?

Yes, we deliver to Sunbury.

If you are having issues with the website (ie it tells you to check for shipping), you need to put your postcode into the postcode box, and press return or enter, not tab, for the website to recognise your postcode for shipping purposes.

Our apologies for the idiosyncrasy!

I just wanted to ask if the carbon filter can be washed?

For the filter, you are correct, I recommend washing to refresh. Its impregnated with carbon, so a very gentle rinse in clean water only, and sundry. Give it the sniff test (sorry, gross) and if there is odour after cleaning, consider ordering a replacement set.

How long the filter lasts depends on climate, litter and number of cats, with general recommendation 3 per year needed (we sell as 3 packs ;o). I use our premium activated carbon litter, so my filter, with 1 cat, in Sydney climate, lasts a lot longer as its not working very hard. Rough estimation is about 1 year, with a rinse or two ;o)

Our deep clean is scheduled for this weekend.

The video is pretty good, and the Robot well designed for easy cleaning. You dont need to have the globe straight when re-assembling, as it will self straighten on first cycle.

As a tip, I dont throw out my litter. I put a new liner in the waste tray, press EMPTY and put the clean litter into the liner. I then put the waste tray out for my cat to use whilst I wash the globe, and wipe the base and bonnet over with a damp cloth. I use detergent and a dustpan brush to wash the globe, hosing it and letting it dry well. An old kitchen dish brush, the stiff bristle type, is good for hard brushing the seals to remove any litter or dust. A damp, not dripping, cloth is good to go over the base and bonnet for dust and any debris removal.

When I put the Robot back together, I empty the liner back into the globe and it cycles clean on first turn on, and Im back to normal topup and press RESET for the new weight registration for the cat sensor.

Sometimes Robot gets 'stuck' halfway through a rotation and we have to power off and power on again to get it to complete the cycle. Is this normal? We have checked for any obstructions etc and there is none and it appears to be random when it happens.

For the interruption, light colour and flash rate help. If slow flashing yellow (1 per second), the cat sensor is picking up the weight change as the litter collects into the pocket, which places it more directly over the cat sensor. If you have more than 5.5-6kg in the Robot (globe and tray combined) then the Robot may think a cat is inside and stop, typically upside down. To fix. Turn off, unplug, take off bonnet. Rotate globe back to home position with litter out into globe liner. check level and if above the line on the liner, remove litter. empty the waste drawer. Press RESET once with a solid blue light showing, and the blue light will blink. press CYCLE and observe.

Note its best to only add litter to the globe when emptying the waste drawer. Adding between empty can overweight the Robot and it will stop it the weight activates the cat sensor.

What is the warranty on this product and if something goes wrong how do we get it serviced?

Standard included warranty is 18 months, and you can extend to 3 years if you wish, with option under accessories.

We have a workshop in Rhodes NSW currently, and repair options that would usually have you back in working order in approximately 7 working days from diagnosis, if troubleshooting does not resolve the issue.

I have lots of windows in my apartment. Is it ok to have the Robot located next to the window where it gets sunshine?

While we have not done any actual UV or sun exposure testing, the engineering department believes that the heat would present no functional risk to the unit, but the UV exposure may lead to the eventual discoloration of the plastic. Better not to be in direct sunlight if possible, as the contents of the waste drawer will also be subject to heating.

Can Tofu litter be used in the Robot?

Tofu litter, Rufus & Coco Corn pellet litter, CatLux, even if clumping, are not suitable in the Robot as they are too large and too light for the sieving process. As the litter does not drop through the grate fast enough, it is dumped with the soiled litter into the waste tray. The Robot is designed for clay clumping litter, so particle size and weight are important. Some non-clay are suitable, but you are best to ask if unsure.

As a tip, make sure you have your cats using suitable clay clumping litter in their manual system BEFORE introducing the Robot, as familiar litter will help them recognise the Robot is the new litter box, just a different shape, and will make transition faster and easier for all.

If you need to change, do so before the Robot comes! Buy a basic litter like Aldi or Cole/Woolies home brand, to do the change over and transition. But do it asap, so your cats have time to get comfortable. Just layer in about 3cm or 2 inches of clay clumping litter in the manual trays on top of the existing litter, to help your cats with familiarity. When you clean the tray, replace just the clay clumping litter. Again, peeing is testing, pooing is transitioned, and generally most cats if they are good with a litter tray, find the change acceptable.

You can change to a better litter once your cats are transitioned, as they generally accept one change at a time.

Hey, we bought Litter-Robot III Open Air this Jul. So happy to know that the connect kit is coming finally. May I know whether we can using the App remotely turn-off and on the robot? So that we can solve the robot stuck issue when we not at home. Thanks!

Yes, the App will allow remote turn on and off. For the cycle issue, please see email for troubleshooting, as turning off and on will not necessarily resolve a cycle issue.

How do i order a litter-robot connect?? Im in Australia and according to previously asked qs & as it should be available now...(Nov 2019)

Yes, we are very excited to finally have the Connect in Australia.

You can order on our website, with Grey and Bisque (the neutral off white colour) available for delivery now.

Please do ask if you need any further help or information.

As a tip, make sure you have your cats using suitable clay clumping litter in their manual system BEFORE introducing the Robot, as familiar litter will help them recognise the Robot is the new litter box, just a different shape, and will make the transition faster and easier for all. If you need assistance or more information, please do not hesitate to email

Hi the full light is constantly on and no longer rotates after the cat gets out I have cleaned it and pulled it apart and back together. Please help me fix this!

As a first quick check, try turning off and unplugging for 1 minute. Remove waste drawer completely. Plug in and turn on. Review. If cycling, reinsert the waste drawer to catch any droppings. Update.

It maybe your Drawer Full Indicator Sensors have failed, and I have sent an email checklist. Please check your email, and reply.

A quick question for you, what does the "sensor" on the opposite side of the DFI do?

I mean the connectors that seem to be joined by some tension in the plastic base? Are they called the pinch connectors perhaps?

What is it trying to detect?

Some insight.

The pinch detectors are designed to open and stop power flow, if something gets jammed in the chute during rotation. Fast flashing yellow when this occurs.

If they get dirt or corrosion that affects the contact, power is interrupted or reduced, and the cycle stops or interrupts, with a fast flashing yellow light.

Slow flashing blue is drawer full indication, and indicators.

Note the DFI in Connect and Upgrade kit is laser, and more sensitive to when the tray fills, to stop overfill issues. You do need to keep the bag tucked into its tabs, and below top edge of the tray, as otherwise your Robot will flash blue.

If the DFI fails, you get flashing blue, even with the tray out (its a good test). Always try cancel with RESET (press once), and then re-test.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

No, we cannot ship the Litter-Robot to PO Boxes, due to size. Other items ordered are usually shipped with Australia Post and can be delivered to PO Boxes.

Have seen many questions about the CONNECT model coming to Australia, but every response has resulted in "next month, next month, next month". Can you provide an accurate time frame on when this will be ready to be sold in Australia? Just feels like the date is constantly being pushed out because the company does not know and is providing false hope in an attempt to keep customers lured. I'm assuming I'm not the only one in this boat not wanting to buy the older model until the CONNECT comes.

Thank you for your email, and we certainly share your frustration with the delays in the release internationally of the Connect Robot III Open Air.

However, good news!

We have the container landed in Sydney Australia, and its currently in customs.

We are in pre-order stage, and expect to ship around the 18th of November, as long as Customs clears and we can get the stock to our warehouse quickly.

If not possible to ship on 18th, it will be shipped asap we have it into the warehouse.

Once its in stock in the warehouse, we will take off the PRE-ORDER part of the product page and it should be normal order and ship process.

We appreciate your patience as we all have been waiting for the release.

Its great to finally be getting Connected!

I have a problem with my Robot. The middle button turns on and the full indicator button.

The 2 solid lights are easy to explain. (Blue and yellow).

If you refer to your quick reference guide, included in the purchase docs, you will see solid blue and solid yellow indicate the Robot is in sleep mode. Basically, you can set the Robot to not cycle for a block of 8 hours, which repeats nightly at the same time, so if you are a light sleeper it does not cycle whilst you sleep.

The yellow light goes out after the 8 hours, and comes on again, similar to an alarm clock setting, so its a little random looking.

Its common to accidentally turn it on, as its a function of the CYCLE button, if held down for longer than a second.

Turn it off by press and hold the CYCLE button for 3-5 seconds. If you do this whilst the yellow light is showing, the light will go out and leave a solid blue light only, indicating your Robot is back to normal waiting mode.

I bought Litter-Robot III 2 years ago, It was working very well. recently the middle light keeps the yellow lights on, even I restart and reset still has the same problem.It doesn't seem to be used automatically

May I confirm that you have both solid yellow and solid blue light showing at the same time?

If you do, you will have activated sleep mode, which is a non-cycle period of 8 hours per day, repeated daily, so that light sleepers can have the cycle paused whilst they sleep.

It is easy to turn on and off.

Press and hold down for 3-5 seconds, the CYCLE button. This should deactivate for you. Its best to do this when the yellow light is showing, as you can see it turn off to know it has been deactivated.

You can also check the Quick Reference Guide here

I have the blue Full tray light flashing, i have emptied the tray and replaced the liner and hit the reset button and the yellow light flashes quickly, I hit the reset button again and the blue light flashes again. I have disconnected the power over 15 minutes a number of times and turned back on and the blue light still flashes and I cannot get it to cycle manually. I have cleaned the clear plastic covers left and right on the infrared sensors for dectecting when the tray is full with no change. I am assuming the cat detection sensor will not activate when it is stuck on this setting as I have tried placing weight on the bowl and the light did not turn red. I have checked the bar for the pinch point as well and all is clear. I have run out of ideas to resolve this problem. we have had the Litter Robot III for about 2 years caring for 3 cats with no issues until now. Where do I go from here?

Hi David, it sounds like the Drawer Full Indicator Sensor may have failed. There is a simple checklist that I have emailed for you to work through and see if the DFI is failed, as well as the next steps for DIY replacement, if needed. Well done on the checks already conducted, and we look forward to getting you back to automatic soon.

Hi, I'm interested in buying the Litter Robot 3 Connect but I would like to know if they will be available by start of October? As we going oversea on mid October and would like to monitor the litter box.
Also how much is the extra 3 years warranty and how can I purchase it.

Litter-Robot 3 Connect is still not released for Australia. We are currently expecting to have an order placed mid September, with anticipated arrival in Australia (by container) November. We may have the upgrade kits available sooner, as we are looking to have these air freighted in to make it faster. We should have firm timing in September. The extended warranty can be purchased on our website, and is $88. It extends the normal warranty of 18 months to a total of 3 years from purchase.

Hello all, I am looking at purchasing one of these I am just wondering what the wait time is? I am reading that noting is coming to September......

We currently have stock of the Litter-Robot III Open Air. However, if you are waiting for the Connect (wifi) version, we are still not able to order these yet. We anticipate ordering mid August, so arrival will be October. This is subject to actual production of the order progressing as expected. To stay up to date, register for the monthly newsletter on our website, bottom of our first page, and you will be kept up to date when ordering is available and arrival in Australia due.

May I know when the Connect Upgrade Kit for Wifi would available in AU? If I can't get it from your website, may I purchase from litter-robot US?

We are close to having these available for Australia, with release date looking to be mid August as there have been some delays with WIFI certification and production. CONNECT (wifi enabled) will be more expensive due to the wifi circuitry. Anticipation at this stage is $1100.

The current bisque model, non-wifi, will be the same pricing $895 at this stage, but is suitable for installation of an upgrade kit to make it WIFI enabled. The upgrade kit will cost similar to purchase of the Connect version, anticipation $150-200, and should be DIY.

You can review the DIY on the manufacturers website here:

We ship from USA by container, which takes about 8-9 weeks, so eta arrival in Australia is currently October.

You can also register for our monthly newsletter at for updates as we get closer to getting CONNECTed ;o)

Hi, would you please add me to the list for a grey Litter-Robot Connect and advise what time frame they will be available for purchase?

Currently, we expect to have CONNECT in Australia in September 2019.

Check the website in mid to late August for the product page as you should be able to enter your email to be notified when ordering opens.

You are also welcome to register for our monthly newsletter as updates are provided there

Do you sell the grey version of the Litter Robot III

For the darker model, this is the Open Air, but in Grey, that was released in USA for black Friday 2018.

We are close to having these available for Australia, with order date looking to be mid year as there have been some delays with WIFI certification. The grey colour is only available as CONNECT (wifi enabled) and will be more expensive due to the wifi circuitry. Anticipation at this stage is $1000-$1100.

The WIFI is the Connect Litter-Robot III Open Air, and will be available when the Grey one is available, and will be a similar pricing. The current bisque model, non-wifi, will be the same pricing $895 at this stage, but is suitable for installation of an upgrade kit to make it WIFI enabled. The upgrade kit will cost similar to purchase of the Connect version, anticipation $150-200, and should be DIY.

You can review the DIY on the manufacturers website here:

We ship from USA by container, which takes about 8-9 weeks, so eta arrival in Australia is past mid-year.

Please let me know if you have any further questions, and if you would like to go on the wait list for this colour.

You can also register for our monthly newsletter at for updates as we get closer to obtaining the greys.

I read in your Q&A section that you were planning on getting the Litter Robot Connect, estimating to be possibly early 2019. Just wondering if there’s any update on this as I’m considering getting a litter robot but if the Connect is not far off coming to Australia then I’ll wait to buy - as the app connect ability sounds like the cherry on top an already brilliant invention!

We are close to having these available for Australia, with order date looking to be mid year as there have been some delays with WIFI certification. CONNECT (wifi enabled) will be more expensive due to the wifi circuitry. Anticipation at this stage is $1000-$1100.

The current bisque model, non-wifi, will be the same pricing $895 at this stage, but is suitable for installation of an upgrade kit to make it WIFI enabled. The upgrade kit will cost similar to purchase of the Connect version, anticipation $150-200, and should be DIY.

You can review the DIY on the manufacturers website here:

We ship from USA by container, which takes about 8-9 weeks, so eta arrival in Australia is August at the earliest.

Please let me know if you have any further questions, and if you would like to go on the wait list for CONNECT or CONNECT UPGRADE KIT.

You can also register for our monthly newsletter at for updates as we get closer to getting CONNECTed ;o)

What is the best brand of kitty litter to use. I use the woolworths essentials Clumping at the moment. If I do purchase a Litter Robot will this still be ok?

I actually started on this in my Robot, and also Coles version, as basic clay clumping litters. Both work in the Litter-Robot, although you need to leave the wait time setting at the pre-set 7 minutes. Do check if it is stony, as sometimes that is an issue (larger pebbles in the mix). Aldi clay clumping is similar, with more consistent grain size. There is no additional odour assistance in the mix, such as carbon, which helps particularly in summer conditions.

How often do you need to pull it apart and clean it - and how easy is it to do.

Hi Tania. The Litter-Robot is designed to come apart easily into 4 sections. Bonnet and Base have electronics, and require wiping only with damp cloth, paying particular attention to the Drawer Full Indicator covers. The Globe, which is essentially the cat litter box part, and the waste tray, can both be washed to clean. How often depends on number of cats, quality of litter used, and climate. If you would like more specific help, please email with more details and we can assist further. As a general indication, for 2-3 cats, deep cleaning is recommended every couple of months. To review deep cleaning, the manufacturers video is excellent.

How does the rubber liner hold up under the claws of enthusiastic diggers? Also do you have to purchase specific liners for the tray or will any rubbish bag/litter liner work?

The liner has been designed for Maine Coon cats, and is covered for scratching under the warranty. We have not replaced any fir scratches so far (2yrs,1000+ sales). Any liner is ok as long as large enough opening.

Is there any plan to sell the Litter Robot III Connect, or the Connect upgrade kits in Australia? Love the idea of app access to monitor the "situation"

Hi Aleksia, definitely! Connect is very exciting, and we are waiting for its release to the Australian market, anticipation early 2019. The current version will be easily upgradable, with similar kits to the USA version expected, as well as already Connected Robots, once the Australian compliances and APPs are completed. If you would like to be informed about progress and release, register for the monthly newsletter on our website, as we are the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributors and keep our Evolutionaries updated.

I have 3 cats and one is extremely large (tall and chubby) - over 10kg. I am just wondering if she will fit in the Litter-Robot and not feel claustrophobic.

Hi Susan, the Litter-Robot III Open Air was upsized from the Litter-Robot II for Maine Coon cats, and has no upper weight limit. Each cat is different and Im not able to say if she will feel claustrophobic. However, if you wanted to do a pre-purchase test, try adding a box to your open litter box, with the side cut to allow similar opening, and internal similar height and width if possible, and see how she goes. Dimensions of the Globe (tray space) are Widest Point 38-43cm H (depending on litter level) x 50.8cm W x 50.8cm D.

I am mainly concerned about buying this expensive product and having it stop working after a couple of years. What warranty do you provide, any lifetime warranty or fixing service, and how/where, as I am from Australia?

The Litter-Robot has 18 month warranty, which covers parts and shipping. The repair base is currently located in Perth WA. We also offer an extended warranty which provides a total of 3 years. The design generally also allows for self repair, in which case, parts can be either provided (warranty) or purchased (non-warranty) for self install. Support and instructions are provided as well. The Litter-Robot is recommended for 2-3 cats per Robot, and anticipated longevity is 5 years. We have been contacted by owners of the earlier model, LR2, who have had their Robot approx 10 years, and we have been able to to obtain parts from the manufacturer, as the Company, AutoPets, has been established for approx 17 years (USA). If you would like more information on repair options, please email

I have three cats all around 10-11 years of age. Are they likely to be able to transition? I used Aldi's crystalline litter.

If your cats are using their normal litter trays without issue, generally they will transition successfully. We have found a high success rate, 98-99% currently, if the cats are using a litter tray successfully. However, you do need to let them take their own time to change, as cats wont be rushed into new things. Older cats usually take longer, and may require encouragement and patience. You may find that the ramp is worth considering if they have any arthritis or stiffness. I have not tested the Aldi Crystals, but the Aldi Clay Clumping works well in the Robot. The size of crystal (and sometimes weight) will determine if it is suitable for the Robot, due to the sieving/saving process. Its best to keep the same litter, or change litter in advance of introducing the Litter-Robot, as cats dont like too many new things at once. We do provide 90 day money back guarantee if your cats do not transition, where we refund the purchase price less shipping cost to return the Robot to our warehouse in Sydney, as long as its cleaned and in good condition with original box and manuals etc.

I note that this is an American product. Has the electrical fitting been changed for Australian wattage. I have had to buy a rather bulky transformer as well as a plug for other US products to modify their 120 Wattage to our 240 wattage

Australian compliant power supply is provided, so no need for additional transformer.

How would this product cope being outside (undercover, with electrical stuff well protected from rain)? I have an indoor/outdoor cat but she is limited to the courtyard and there is only a small amount of soiled area for her to use.

The Robot is made of robust plastic, and is ok in the open air, but not if it will get wet. You also need to be using clumping litter, preferably clay, which is not suitable in wet conditions. If its a covered courtyard that is dry, but not enclosed, it should be ok. We have a number of customers with the Robot on covered balconies without issues. I trust this assists, and do ask if you require further.

Hi there, My three cats had started to become accustomed to the litter robot but today I watched an unfortunate event where one of my cats went into the litter box after another had went and the litter robot's timer appears to have ticked over and the robot started to turn with its occupant within. Understandably, that cat was quite alarmed and hopped out immediately. Just wondering if there's something wrong with my machine or if I need to do something to stop this happening again? The first thing I could think of was that maybe the second cat wasn't heavy enough to trip the sensor but that doesn't quite make sense to me because she's the heaviest of my three cats at 4kg or so. Please let me know!

Dear Karina, thank you for the email. The cat sensor is designed to recognise the cats weight, and not cycle whilst your cat is in occupation. Please check by pressing on the top of the globe past the bonnet. The light should go solid red. After 7minutes, the Robot should automatically cycle. Again, press on top, and see if the cycle stops and the yellow light flashes. After approx 30seconds, the Robot should continue cycling, with solid yellow light. When it finishes and has a solid blue light, press RESET button once to calibrate the cat sensor. Calibration should be done anytime the weight in the Robot changes ie when you empty the waste drawer and top up the litter, calibrate. It maybe what caused the issue on cat weight recognition. Please update via Thank you

Hello, I want to get this product ahead of time before my 12 week old kitten arrives in the house. Is this recommended and what guidance would you give?

Hi Mercy, the Litter-Robot is often purchased for the new arrival so that kittens are accustomed from an early age. However, the Robot will not work automatically as your kitten will be too light to trigger the cat sensor. Minimum weight is 2.25kg. The usual practice is to operate semi-automatically ie set it up as the normal litter tray, but push the CYCLE button to manually start the scooping cycle, when needed or noticed. When your kitten gets to sufficient weight to activate the cat sensor, the Litter-Robot will go into automatic for you. As a note, you do need to supervise when the cycle is running if your kitten is not sufficient weight, as the cycle interruption if the kitten gets into or on the Litter-Robot will also not activate if your kitten is too light. Do note the need to use clumping clay litter, and if needed to change from what the breeder has been using, its best to transition to the new litter in the usual litter tray your kitten is used to (although most kittens adapt very quickly) mixing half and half for familiarity initially. Then put the soiled contents into the Robot, and your kitten will usually get the idea quickly and easily. Cycle the litter mix once the kitten has used the Robot, as the lighter/non-clumping particles will typically be disposed of along with soiled litter. If your kitten is a very small breed, you may want to purchase a ramp to make the step up and down easier. It also helps collect litter off paws ;o) Generally, kittens find the Litter-Robot easy to adapt to.

How well does Robot perform on Oz-Pet litter? It is wooden pellets litter that turns into sawdust when wet. Thanks.

Unfortunately, Oz pet is not suitable for use in the Litter-Robot. Ideally cly clumping litter, and some crystals, are used as particle size and weight are important in the seiving process. Oz pet wood particles are too light and too large. If you decide to try the automatic lifestyle, its best to transition your cat/s in the current manual system to new litter, and when they are ok with the new litter, introduce the Litter-Robot, as cats dont like too many new things at once. We do sell a premium clumping clay litter as well, which works really well in the Robot, is economical (we use 1kg per week with one cat, $3.25 per kilo)and has activated carbon for our hot summers, in case you would like to try that.

Approximately how often does the tray need to be emptied with two cats?

Depending on litter used and cat breed, generally 5-7 days. A better clumping cat litter, with less loose material being deposited in the tray, will fill slower.

I am currently using Trouble & Trix litter with baking soda. Will I be able to use the same litter for this machine? Thanks.

Hi Christian, we have not product tested Trouble & Trix, but have clients who have been using it and tried it in the Litter-Robot. One of our other customers reported that it seemed to not work very well at clumping, and sticks/is messy. If you are looking for a good quality litter that will address odour for you too, we have available Cat Evolution Premium Clay Clumping Litter which we find works very well in the Litter-Robot as its fast clumping, low dust, and has activated carbon which works to capture odour all the time. We also live in an apartment, and keeping the home free of a litter-box smell is very important for us. We have done a trial test with our cat Shadow (foreign black oriental) and found it is very economical as well as efficient. Its $58.30 delivered to you, as 2x 9kg bags for easy handling. The trial test with Shadow was on how long a 9 kg bag lasts. Once the litter is in the robot (approx 4kg needed for this), then a new 9kg bag, topping up twice a week (say 1 kg roughly) lasted me 2 months. Because is it is good quality, it also clumps fast, so you can set the cycle rate to the fastest setting if you wish to ;o) You could also try other clay clumping litters - our customers use Animates, and also Catsan, as well as others ;o) If you are changing litters, please do that before introducing the Litter-Robot - perhaps try the litter first and when transitioned, order the Litter-Robot. Its not recommended to introduce too many new things to your cat/s at one time.

Hi, I really want to get a litter tray for my three sphynx. Do you think one would be sufficient? I currently have two normal litter trays and empty them twice a day. Also, will you guys ever be getting zip pay or zip money? That would be amazing. If not, I'll just keep saving!

HI Ash, the recommendation is 1 Litter-Robot for 2-3 cats. We actually have one owner with 5 cats (including 2 sphynx) and all are using 1 Litter-Robot. You just need to empty the waste drawer, top up, and deep clean when needed, more often due to more cats ;o) We have been looking into getting zip pay or similar, and are in the process of making payment options available. Anticipation is 1 month, so keep an eye out or register for our newsletter to stay updated (and keep saving). Trusting this assists!

Is the robot easy to set up ? can you provide service to set it up for us after the delivery ? we are in Melbourne and assume that you cover the delivery at Melbourne, right ? thanks.

Dear Sara, the Litter-Robot is very easy to set up. It arrives assembled. Its important you unpack with your cats around so they can enjoy and explore, while you are present to keep them comfortable and secure. You lift it out of the box, unwrap it from the bag, remove the welcome box from inside the waste drawer. The power pack in the welcome pack is plugged into the power point, and into the back of the unit, and you turn on the power, then the on button (top). It will cycle once, and then stop back in place with a solid blue light. It comes with a litter bag in place and a spare, to get you started. You do need to supply your own litter, and we recommend you use what your cats are used to, as cats dont like too many changes at once. Once it has cycled, you need to turn it off, move it to the position where your old litter tray was, and put the old litter tray nearby. Put your cats usual (clumping clay) litter in the robot, just under the fill line, and LEAVE IT TURNED OFF so your cats can have time to explore and enter without any cycling. You also need to stop cleaning the old litter tray. Cats generally transition over a few days, and we send information to assist. Once they are using it, you can cycle manually. When they are using it regularly, you can turn it on, and remove the old tray. Our cat took about 4 days to transition. If you need assistance, we are available at customer support on 1300 350 635 ;o) We do not however provide actual service to set up, as we are not in Melbourne. But its easy. Yes, delivery to Melbourne (metro) is included in the price ;o)

I purchased the litter robot a few weeks ago and I was wondering how often I would need to totally empty the litter. I have one cat. In the two weeks she's been using the litter robot I've topped up the litter but haven't completely emptied it. There's no issue with odour and it seems pretty clean. Is this because the litter robot is sifting out all the waste efficiently? So I guess my question is how often would I need to completely empty the litter for one cat?

Thank you for your email. You don't need to empty out the litter unless you need to do a deep clean (wash the globe). With 1 cat, I do mine every 2-3 months in summer, and 4-6 months in winter. I only do a deep clean when I feel the globe needs it. I have a boy cat

Hi Does the litter robot work with aldi clumping litter?

If the Aldi litter is clay clumping, it should be suitable for the litter-robot, although we have not tested the product ourselves. The main requirements are that the particle size be small enough to fit through the sieve mesh, and that it has sufficient weight to it. A good comparison is the home brand clay clumping litter from Coles or Woolies, which we have trialled in the Litter-Robot with quite satisfactory results. Generally clay clumping, and some crystals, are ok, but wood and paper, corn and tofu are not (too large and too light).

Hi Mary, Our robot has stopped working correctly and just wondering if its something easy to fix. For the last few weeks it wont pick up the weight of the cat so we have to always now use the cycle button and now in the last week when we hit the cycle button the blue light now blinks to say its full but its not. Has this happened before to anyone?

If your Litter-Robot Open Air is not registering your cat, you may need to fine tune the cat sensor. Its recommended to do from time to time, particularly when adding or topping up more litter, and if you change the litter, or do a deep clean/empty the litter and re-fill. Its really easy to fine tune. The sensor is actually located at the back of the unit, on the floor. So its important to have the Litter-Robot on a flat, preferably hard surface like tile or wood or similar, rather than carpet. If it is on carpet, you are best to put a large non-slip tile or board under it to give it a good surface to sit on (just like a set of scales for people). This allows the sensor 'foot' to contact the floor well. The sensor weighs the whole unit, so it will add up what is in the waste drawer as well as in the globe. The process is: Empty the waste drawer (put in a new liner) Top up litter to the usual level - just under the line marking on the inside bottom of the globe when using Cat Evolution Premium Clumping Cat Litter With a solid blue light showing, push RESET button on the front panel once. (it will blink briefly once) You should now be good to go ;o) I usually reset the cat sensor from time to time, typically when I am changing the old waste tray liner for a new one, and topping up the litter. It makes sure the Litter-Robot has the base weight calculated ok, so that your cats weight then triggers the automatic cycle. If you want to check the sensor is working, you can test by pushing down either on the litter bed (like a cat) or on top of the globe front. If the light on the control panel changes from blue to solid red when you take your hand off, the cat sensor is working. Red is good - it means the Litter-Robot has registered the use, and is counting down to cycle. A great cheat sheet is the Quick Reference Guide: Do note that your cat does need a minimum weight of 2.25 kg, but there is no upper limit for the Litter-Robot (size matters ;o) The blinking blue light is most often related to having the bag edge sitting up above the edge of the waste tray - the sensors are located in the base, where the chute drops the soiled waste through, above the tray itself. Do make sure when you put a new liner in, to have the left and right tucked down into the tabs provided for this purpose. Having the liner tight along left and right side will also help stop litter escaping into the tray itself. The Drawer Full sensors are located left and right at the chute, with a clear cover over the circuit board. If you take off the globe and check the left side one, as it gets most of the soiled waste dropping past it, it may have some debris on it which will make the sensor think the tray is full. Give it a gentle wipe with a baby wipe or damp cloth (the cover only) and it should fix the issue.

Do you have to purchase a particular kind of litter. We use the crystals? Thank you

Hi Roz. The Litter-Robot is designed to use any clumping litter that has sufficient weight and granular size. Crystals should be fine as they are similar weight to clay based litter types. Some of our customers use crystals

Is this product suitable for kittens? I understand that there is a minimum weight that triggers the sensor to start an auto cycle, so I will need to do a manual cycle until the kitten is bigger. But is it suitable for young kittens of 12 weeks old? I'm not sure if mine will be able to get in or out of it!!??

Dear Kathleen, thank you for the question. As long as your kitten is old enough to use clumping litter, he/she will be able to use the Litter-Robot ( very young kittens have wet noses which are not good with clumping litter, but they would normally still be with their mother if that young). I would suggest you check with the breeder if you are not sure. We do normally have ramps available but are out of stock at the moment. Anticipated March for the next availability. The ramp provides a staircase style access, and also helps collect any litter that maybe on paws when exiting. The normal step and mat provide access for most small cats, but if you have very small kittens the ramp maybe necessary.

We're troubleshooting why it thinks its full when its nowhere near. We thought perhaps the sensor was picking up that something is in the way. UPDATE Thanks so much Mary, that's been great! Turns out a off and back on a few mins later did the trick - as always the simple fixes are the ones that work when asking for help !

Have you seen where the sensor is? There is a green board with electronics, and a clear cover, located either side of the chute in the base. There maybe some residue, typically on left side, so check the cover is clean (a light wipe will do, keeping clear of the electronics under the panel). You do need to take off the globe to see the base. If the panel is clean, it maybe that the Unit needs a re-set from the journey, as unboxing and turning on, and experimenting with the light buttons etc, can put things out of sync. Have a look at this link to help: Have you had the Unit apart yet? Its easy, and quite impressive. The above link will walk you through the process, which you need to know for the deep cleaning of the globe when needed. It should help with the drawer sensor, which if there is nothing on the cover, may just need the reset at this time. See how you go - if you need any help, just ask or if you prefer, call 1300 635 350. Trusting this assists and that you are enjoying the new litter box lifestyle!

Hi there, How noisy/loud is the Litter robot when it starts to function. Last night I could hear my cat digging around in her litter and wondered if then the Litter robot would wake us up if it gets used.

The litter-robot is relatively quiet, similar to a dishwasher or air conditioner humming. However, if you are a light sleeper, you can activate an 8 hour lock out period nightly, so it does not cycle while you are sleeping. You may still be able to hear your cat scratching, as the litter is in the machine, but it's also mostly enclosed, which keeps the litter spread, and the noise of digging, relatively contained compared to an open litter tray.

Is there a maximum weight for the cat? My Ragdoll weighs almost 8kg.

HI Ashleigh, the Litter-Robot does not have an upper weight limit, so whether or not the Litter-Robot will be comfortable for a large or heavy cat is up to the individual. As long as the cat can enter the globe and turn around inside it comfortably, it doesn't matter how much it weighs. The Litter-Robot Open Air was made with larger cats in mind. It has a larger entryway and expanded litter bed area to accommodate larger cats, such as Maine Coons. Your Ragdoll should be fine - some of our other Litter-Robot lifestylers have Ragdolls as well.

UPDATE Thanks for the cheat sheet, that will definitely come in handy in the future. After I pulled the power cable out for roughly a full hour, then plugged it back in and pressed the reset button after it completed it’s initial cycle, it seemed to sort everything out. I have been monitoring the unit for the past few days and it’s been working absolutely perfect, I haven’t had any issue with the automatic cycle after my cat has been inside, and the sensors seem to be working as well. Thanks again for the absolutely amazing service, I really appreciate it! Regards, Sheldon

Thank you Sheldon, great to hear all is working well!

I recently purchased a Litter Robot, which was delivered on Tuesday 22nd November, it’s absolutely fantastic, and my cat has taken to using it without any issues at all, which was a huge weight off of my shoulders. The problem is that I am having a slight issue with the unit, half the time the unit doesn’t cycle after my cat has been in it, at first I thought that she may have actually been under the minimum weight, but she was at the vet for a checkup on Thursday and her weight is 2.9kg, which is above the minimum of 2.5kg according to the manual. The unit is placed on an even surface on hardwood floors (I read of potential sensor issues when placed on carpet), so I’m not sure if there is anything that I have done wrong there. The other issue is that I am constantly getting an indication that the drawer is full. I figured that it may be possible that the drawer was full after the manual cycling to get my cat used to the unit, so I replaced the liner in the drawer and fitted it again, and it still kept indicating that the drawer was full, regardless of how many times I tried to shift the liner and neaten it up. What I have done is unplugged the unit for roughly one hour, and when I plugged it back in and cycled it a few times, it didn’t indicate that the drawer was full, but my cat hasn’t used it since it’s been plugged back in, so I’m unsure if it’s fixed the sensing issue. I was wondering if you’ve heard/seen of these problems before, and if you have any advice on the subject? I love the Litter Robot and couldn’t possibly imagine not having it now, and that’s only after a few days of owning one. Kind regards, Sheldon

Dear Sheldon, there could be a couple of things around both issues. I suspect the cat sensor needs resetting, and suggest you try the following: 1. Press the ‘Cycle' button. The unit should cycle and return Home with a solid blue light. 2. Reset by quickly pressing the ‘Reset’ button. This function resets the Cat Sensor baseline weight when pressed while the unit is at Home with a solid blue light. 3. Test by applying pressure the unit ie put your hand in and press as if you are your cat. 4. If the red light turns on after applying excessive pressure, skip to our TIPS section below and ensure your unit is not being desensitized. 5. If the red light did not activate, please review the tips below and contact us for further troubleshooting. TIPS: ‐ The unit should be completely free‐standing on a hard surface with no rugs, carpets, or items underneath it. A flat board is encouraged if you are placing the unit on carpeting. ‐ Press 'Reset' while the unit is at Home position with a solid blue light after adding litter and removing waste from the unit. ‐ Do not allow the unit to have items rest on it or be pushed against a wall. ‐ Using 4-4.5kg of clay clumping (standard weight) litter, works best. Alternative/lightweight litter that does not weigh as much as clay when filled to the fill line, may cause trouble triggering the sensor ‐ For safety, cats under 2.25kg may not trigger the unit. Manually cycle the unit until your cat reaches a safe weight of 2.25+kg You can also have a look at the instructions. I do find the cheat sheet more helpful for the cat sensor than the manual ;o) We have also had some reports on the sensor showing full, and suggest you try the following to see if it fixes the issue, as other clients have found it clears (particularly if you disassemble the machine): From the Manufacturer: three things that will cause the blue light to flash and their respective solutions: 1. The drawer would be full or something is obstructing the liner - move obstruction out of the way, adjust unit 2. Software in the system needs to be rebooted - which would mean that you need to unplug the unit from the back of the unit for a few seconds 3. DFI hardware failure - the board has gone bad - this is not likely as you have the new hardware, but possible. If so, we would replace the board. From our experience/clients: 1. The chute does drop to the left side first based on rotation. If you disassemble (take off bonnet, globe (you dont need to empty litter but dont spill it ;o)) to the point of seeing the base, look to the left side as you face the unit from the front. The waste full sensors are located as small green circuit boards under clear plastic covers. check the covers are clean (particularly left side). if not, wipe over - damp cloth not water. this should deal with obstruction issues if the drawer is empty. 2. reassemble. As disassemble required you to turn off, you will have re-booted in the process ;o) 3. Hardware, advise us (if other tries fail). We do have some videos on Youtube to help: The manufacturers have provided an update on troubleshooting for your viewing here: If you are still having problems, please advise asap, as we do of course cover 18 months warranty, and if a sensor happens to be faulty, we can send you replacement so you can keep using in the interim (they are fairly easily replaceable by design). Glad to hear you love the Litter-Robot, as we have found its quite a life changer for cat ownership!

At present I use Max’s litter in the litter trays.Suitable for the Litter-Robot or not?Thanks,Anne

Hi Anne, thank you for the email. I have not used Max Cat Litter, but understand its made from milled rice hulls. It maybe a little light for the Litter-Robot but I would suggest try it and see how you go. It needs to be clumping, as that is how the robot works to separate the clean litter from soiled in the self cleaning process. Its best to use the same litter initially if you can, so your cat transitions without too many changes at once (see the tips). If its a little light (I suspect it maybe), you will find clumping clay litter is a good weight for the litter-robot. Note that clay litter can also be disposed of on the garden. You will find one of the great benefits of the Litter-Robot is that it will reduce your use of litter dramatically, as you top up rather than throw out, only disposing of the soiled clumps. Its best to dispose of the filled bag in the same manner as you do your kitchen bin waste, as its concentrated waste rather than lots of unused litter.

Is the Litter Robot suitable for cats who produce very loose stools? I have 5 cats and 3 of them have digestive issues which causes their stools to be quite pungent and runny despite a grain-free diet.

Dear Alison, the Litter-Robot is designed to replace a cats litter tray, catering for urine and excrement. It does require clumping litter due to the sifting process. From your question regarding runny stools, I would expect the quality of the clumping litter will have the main impact on suitability. We suggest you consider ordering some of the Cat Evolution Premium Clumping Cat Litter, as an initial test, and see how well the litter performs on clumping and odour. If you are satisfied with the results of the litter, you should find the Litter-Robot very suitable in improving your current litter tray lifestyle.

Is it ok to use the Litter-Robot III outdoors? Our cats use the litter box out side in the courtyard which is open air. We would like to keep the Litter-Robot III outside in the same place in the courtyard in open air, which means it will be exposed to rain and sun. Let me know. Thanks.

The Litter-Robot III is designed specifically for indoor use. While the product is robustly constructed and could be used in a covered outdoor area, it is not designed or suitable for uncovered outdoor areas.