This information is provided as quick insight into how the Litter-Robot works, from a user perspective, for set up and operation. These tips should help make initial setup and use easier, as the Litter-Robot is a new appliance for most people, and not like one you have had before. It’s designed to be easy to use, so it is worth getting to know the basics.



  • Clay clumping litter, in use in the manual tray before introducing the new box shape, makes it easy for your cats to understand it’s a litter box.

  • If needed, change the litter in the manual tray. A suggested litter if you need one is Kitty Fresh, activated carbon clumping clay cat litter, available at (online) as a blue bag. Another is EverClean Less Trail clumping cat litter, also available at Just layer the new litter into the manual tray on top of the existing litter, and let your cats use the mix. When you clean the tray, replace with the new litter only.
  • NOTE Once your cats are using the Litter-Robot, you can different clumping litters to see what suits you and your cats best. Humidity and general temperature, number of cats and of course budget, all have an effect. 



  • Unbox in the play area, plugin and test. Unplug and leave for your cats to check it out (no litter yet).

  • Move the most used litter tray to the side (don’t remove it from the area) and put the Robot in its place. Familiar location helps!
  • Fill the Robot with the same litter as the manual tray (should be suitable clay clumping litter), to about 1cm under the line on the liner. Ideally, the Robot should have 4.5-5kg of litter in the globe, with an empty waste drawer
  • Scoop some poop from manual tray to Robot. Turn on Robot and cycle to clean, introducing your cats scents into the Robot
  • Turn off the Robot and leave your cats to check it out. Peeing is testing, pooping is transitioned. If used, turn on the Robot to clean, but stay and watch, and reassure your cats if they are about, that it’s a good thing. Turn off again
  • If your cats use the manual box, scoop out the poop but let it get messy. Pop the poop into the Robot, cycle, turn off. Repeat.
  • When you think most or all of your cats are using the Robot, leave it on, and after a day, remove the manual tray. Do not remove the tray if you have any cats still using it, but don’t keep it very clean.




Multiple cat households often have 1 or 2 fast-in cats, and the others hold out watching to see what is happening (will the Robot eat my flatmate?). This is normal. Monitor, as it takes a bit longer depending on how your cats are and their own family hierarchy.

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