Top 10 Cat Toys to Entertain Your Cat

Top 10 Cat Toys to Entertain Your Cat

I am sure that many people who have never owned a cat will have the misconception that cats are passive, aloof and moody. However, my misguided friends, this is not always the case. Yes, some breeds do tend to be moody and passive but the energy levels vary a great deal from cat to cat and breed to breed. They are as diverse in personality as we humans. So if your furry friend pounces on your leg in the middle of the night, do not be surprised. In reality, they are domesticated wild animals and possess an untamed side that we cannot get rid of. So keep your fur babies entertained, engaged and stimulated by giving them the best toys out there. We have a cool list to help you out!

1. Wand Toy:

  This is the first and easiest cat toy that you can have. It can be easily ‘DIYed’ and even more easily purchased.  Attach a shiny or a bouncy thing at the end of a stick with a string and you will have your cats going crazy over it in no time. If you are confident enough, just hold out a string in front of your cat and watch it go absolutely crazy. Their joy is contagious and everyone will love the interactive play session a wand toy provides.

2. Cat Tree:

Don’t you just wish you had the ability and grace of a cat when it comes to climbing things? Well, indoor cats have that ability and an inherent need to climb and explore. So before they go crazy and start climbing your furniture or curtains, invest in a cat tree for your feline. Cat trees are the cat version of a human pillow fort, the epitome of joy and provide complete vertical playtime for your kitties. They may take up some space and are a little bit pricier than the other cat toys but they’re absolutely worth it when you consider the fun it will provide your cat and the added bonus of prevention of damage to your furniture!

3. Scratch Post:

This toy should not be on this list because this is a necessity rather than a plaything for your feline. Just like eating, breathing, climbing and scratching is an absolute necessity for the well being of your cat. So, every cat owner must have a place or a post dedicated to scratching. Having multiple scratch posts will also keep your furniture and carpets safe. Because scratch post or no scratch post, your cat is going to scratch, so instead of your couch it should be this toy. You can use encourage your cat to use the correct scratching pole by using cat repellent sprays to ward them off of your couch if they are not keen on using the scratch posts. Catnip will also entice and help train.

4. Catnip Sock Pocket:

We all have enjoyed the videos of cats high on catnip. So let your cats enjoy something that you may not be able to. Your pet will be your ultimate source of entertainment when they play with these toys and even if they rip the toy apart and get into the catnip, the after-effects will be absolutely hilarious. Catnip has no negative effects on your cat; it just provides a source of pure joy and entertainment.

5.  Cat Tunnel Toy:

As humans, we are obsessed with tunnels, from metaphors like “light at the end of the tunnel” to the tunnels at children’s playgrounds, and it is a universal toy. Well, it turns out our pets are not very different either, They love the thrill of running through a closed space and emerging as a movie hero. A tunnel toy is bound to keep your pets and children happy and busy. If you are a person that does not have a lot of time to engage with their pets, this is the perfect toy for you.

6. Puzzles:

Zigzag Cat Toys Just like we humans, cats need to be mentally stimulated as well. They are intelligent creatures that used strategies and combat tactics to hunt their prey in the wild. However a domestic cat does not need to do that so, there is a higher need to keep your cats mentally stimulated and challenged. These puzzles will keep your pet mentally healthy and help to spend the mental energy so they do not lash out in other ways. If you are experiencing a problem with naughty or aggressive pets despite giving them loads of exercise, then some stimulating puzzles may be exactly what you need.

7. Cat Exercise Wheel:

running Cat Toys Who says only a hamster could run through a wheel with his little tail hopping and look cute? Your kitty cat is going to look absolutely adorable running in a cat wheel and more importantly, they are going to love it. The kind of exercise a wheel provides is going to keep your cat calm for hours and it doesn’t require you to have a backyard or an open space.

8. Food Motivator:

ball Cat Toys Studies have found that cats who hunt for their food are more satisfied and healthy. Serving your cat food on a platter may be your expression of love but it is not the best thing for your pet. So, get them a token of love that ‘feeds’ their inherent need for hunting. However, all meal times do not have to be an ordeal even if you have fixed times for feeding your cat. A smart feeder from Cat Evolution will take care of your cats’ feeding schedule when you are not at home and food motivators will take care of their need to hunt at the times when you are at home.

9. Lasers:

Cat Toys to entertain your cat Another interactive toy that will let you have the time of your life with your pet. You can make them go crazy over an entrancing spot that they will never be able to catch. Yes, it sounds kind of mean but the joy it returns is priceless. And for the times that you are not able to interact yourself, battery-powered laser toys are the way to go.

10. Chew Toys:

Cat chew Toys to entertain your cat Even writing about a chew toy makes me want to sink my teeth into something soft and squishy, but yes I am a grown-up with high impulse control. However, your pets are not gifted with this ability. So, before they decide that your fingers and toes are cute and squishy enough for them to sink their teeth into, you better get them ample chew toys. These toys will also be helpful in the training of kittens that think of your fingers as a plaything. Trust me I have personally spoiled my kitten by letting her chew on my fingers and these toys have been a lifesaver. Because the bigger she gets the more it hurts. So invest in these before you become the toy. I hope that this article provides you with a complete list that tends to all the aspects of your feline’s personality. However, there are other needs like feeding and pooping that have not been addressed. Shop at Cat Evolution for those necessities and you will be well taken care of. Lots of love for your furry babies!

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