Having a cat can be an extremely rewarding experience because cats can calm your nervous system and enhance your sense of wellbeing. In addition, they are very affectionate to their housemates. Another interesting fact about cats is that they are independent and want to interact on their terms. 

Many people like to have cats around them, but they do not like the cleaning required for the keeping of cats. The cleaning tasks can be pretty unpleasant and require a lot of dedication. You have to allow time for these cleaning tasks in your routine. Fortunately, technology has made these tasks easy for cat owners. It is now possible to utilize automatic litter boxes to complete the task of cleaning your cat's toilet for you. One of the most popular litter boxes for cats is  the USA-made “Litter-Robot.”

How it works     

The Litter-Robot is a self-cleaning litter box for cats that makes the life of the cat owners easy. A self-cleaning litter box can help to keep your home fresh and neat, by cleaning after your cat has been to the litter box, removing the waste, and leaving a clean bed of litter ready for the next visit.

So how does it work?

The Litter-Robot is an electronic litter box that detects when your cat has used the box, and then disposes of the waste into a receptacle called the waste drawer. There are zero scoopings needed in the Litter-Robot. 

The LITTER ROBOT works in five simple and easy steps:

  • First of all, when your cat uses the automatic litter box, the weight sensor registers your cat, and starts its process, with the globe rotating after a 3,7, or 15 minutes delay, for clumping of the litter.
  • Its sifting process separates the clean litter from the solid clumps.
  • All the clumps then deposit into a waste drawer that has a removable liner, and carbon filter to capture odors from the drawer.
  • After depositing the clumps, the globe returns to its normal position, relaying the cleaned litter, which means it is ready to be utilized again.
  • Lastly, when the waste drawer is full, you simply remove the liner, putting in a new one and topping up the litter,  and dispose of the bagged waste.

Cleaning process of Litter-Robot: 

Litter-robot provides you with a lot of time saved and extra flexibility in terms of cleaning. With this litter box, you don’t have to scoop. For weekly cleaning, you only have to replace the litter when the waste drawer is full because its sifting process removes the clumps while reserving and relaying the clean litter. How often you need to empty your waste drawer and top up your litter depends on the number of cats, and litter used. It is best to change your liner weekly if you only have 1 cat, even if not full. For 2 cats, every 4-5 days as a guide. 

How many times you have to really clean the Litter-Robot?

The cleaning of the Litter-Robot depends on the number of cats that use it, the litter used, and climate. If you have a number of cats, then you will need to empty the Litter-Robot more frequently. The Litter-Robot 3 connect has a WIFI-enabled app that will send you notifications when the waste drawer is full. After getting the reports, you need to empty the drawer and top up the litter and reset the app.

You will also need to deep clean your litter robot as per the maker's recommendations from time to time. It is similar to washing your manual litter box but is needed much less often, and is as simple to do, with video help for instructions.

How often deep cleaning is needed depends on the number of cats, climate, and litter used, with the suggestion being every 3-4 months if there are 2-3 cats using the robot.

Litter-Robot benefits

Keeping odor away is one of the main benefits of the Litter-Robot. This is the reason why cat owners love to have this litter robot in their homes. It has a lot of great features. 

Easy to clean:

Regularly emptying the LITTER ROBOT is quite simple and easy. You will get a notification whenever the waste drawer is full, either on your phone if connected or with a flashing blue light on the robot. You only have to take out the drawer, remove the filed waste liner and put in a new one, and top up clean litter.

Less litter consumption:

With THE LITTER ROBOT, you can reduce your litter consumption by 50% as compared to other manual litter boxes.

Wifi Feature:

The litter robot open air connect works with the AutoPets Connects app. It allows you to monitor the LITTER ROBOT remotely. You can control many functions with this app. You will receive notifications for every activity, and it will also tell you how many times the litter box is used. If you have many cats and one LITTER ROBOT, it can alert you to unusual toilet visitations, helping you to monitor your cat's health.

Suitable for multiple cats:

The LITTER ROBOT is designed for multiple cats, so you can reduce the need for many litter boxes if you have many cats. The waste cycle process allows your cats to have a clean litter box every time. 

Litter-Robot is a fantastic appliance for your home:

To keep your home clean with many cats is quite tricky. However, the LITTER ROBOT is an impressive addition to your household. It removes your cat's waste without you doing the scooping, and without delay, if you are not available to attend to the odious task. This is a wonderful improvement for odour, hygiene and cat happiness. 

Wrap Up!

To wrap up, we can say that this is the best-rated and globally well-known LITTER ROBOT available. It is efficient and time-saving, providing an excellent investment in managing cat care in the home. It takes responsibility for litter tray cleaning and makes everyone's life easier.

So, treat yourself and your cats to a LITTER ROBOT, which will provide you with peace of mind, more time, and your cats a cleaner litter box.

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