Like all things, quality demands a suitable price tag. Good quality items are both in demand, often scarce, and take time and resources to create. A good quality Maine Coon (or any pure breed) Cat is no exception. The magnificent Maine Coon is a significant investment, not just in one of the largest domestic cat breeds, but also in cost as a well-bred cat from a reputable breeder will come with a significant price tag. The majesty and size of these lovely Cats are undisputed, and their characteristics as affectionate and playful with a great personality and easy-going around other animals, make them worth investing in as a valuable family addition. There is quite a price range for Maine Coons but there is an element of buyer beware in seeking a budget-friendly option, as you certainly get what you pay for. The soundest consideration if you have your heart set on a true Maine Coon is to contact breeders who have good reputations and discuss options for your preferred colour and type. If you know someone with a Maine Coon that you particularly like, then enquire as to the breeder and origins. You can also invest time on researching the characteristics of Maine Coons and then finding breeders who have suitable bloodlines for your preferred type. maine coon cats characteristics Enquiry with the various Cat clubs and associations can also help you with your search. You may have to wait for a quality cat or kitten to suit you, and you should also enquire as to costs so you can save for the furbaby you are looking for. Your patience will be rewarded, but it may take an investment of time and funds to obtain the Maine Coon of your dreams. If you are not as set on a particular Maine Coon but love the breed and want a cat or kitten that embodies the characteristics as much as possible but without necessarily investing as much in time and funds, you can look for a mixed breed or non-pedigree cat. You may find a Maine Coon rescue that has enough of the traits that you are wanting, to rehome and love. Another avenue is to consider an adult from a breeder who has decided to retire one of the studs or queen cats and is looking for a forever home.


Maine coon cats costs   There are advertisements from time to time on the internet, that range in price for the unknown quality of kitten and cat. A tip on what to look for when reviewing adverts. Look for Maine Coons that are advertised well, where the advert gives the sense that the cat had been well treated. Check the advert is legitimate with the wellbeing of the Maine Coon evident as a top priority. Avoid adverts that are poorly written, lack information or may feel too spammy and could be a potential scam. It is also wise to avoid very low pricing, with multiple adverts displayed by the same seller, as a possible non-genuine seller. 


A quality Maine Coon kitten, if available, may cost between $1500 and $2000, depending on  State, pedigree, breeder and bloodline. Kittens are generally 12 weeks old when available to be adopted, and have vaccinations and are sterilised and microchipped. If consideration is for a breeding quality kitten, then the price is much higher.


Maine coon kittens If your budget is a little tighter and you definitely want a Maine Coon then give consideration to a more adult cat. A fully grown Maine Coon cat, that is perhaps a retiring Show or breeding line, can be a marvellous choice for a lower price than a kitten and will provide many years of delight. An older cat is also a formed temperament and presentation, and you don’t need to wait for development to see the size and stature of your new family member. Compared to the $1700 cost of a purebred kitten there is quite a difference.


Private sellers usually offer lower prices, even if they provide vaccinations and health checks, as generally the purebred Maine Coon breed may not be as well established. If you need to prove lineage from a registered cattery then around $1700 is a considered price. Reputable and registered breeders have microchipped, sterilized. vaccinated, wormed, well looked after etc, Maine Coons. Thus the higher costs for breeding a good quality Maine Coon, and you would normally be provided health records and provable lineage for your desired kitten or cat. If you have your heart set on a true well-bred Maine Coon, then you are better budgeting for a kitten or cat from a reputable breeder, to enjoy

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