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Litter-Robot: Set up and deep cleaning

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Litter-Robot: Set up and deep cleaning



To start off, you need to put about 4.5kg to 5kg of litter into the globe. There is a line marked on the liner, and you will need to check how much your chosen litter weights when the litter is level and filled to the line. Clay clumping litter density (weight per volume) can vary a lot, so the line is just helpful not definitive. Once you have established your level, you can fill  to the same level each time. 


Generally, you will use about 1kg of clay clumping litter per cat per week, so the Robot is very economical.


The clean cycle scoops out the dirty (clumped) litter, and rel-ays the clean litter. So you will be topping up, not emptying, as your usual routine.


With 2 cats, I would suggest you will need to empty the waste drawer where the soiled litter is deposited, about every 4-5 days. The drawer holds about 2kg of soiled litter, so you will add that amount (approx) when topping up, after removing the soiled litter and putting in a new liner.


Only add litter to the globe to replace the used portion, when you empty the waste drawer, to avoid overweighting the Robot. Any time you do change the weight, with a solid blue light, press RESET once (blue light blinks) to recalibrate the cat sensor.




You will still need to deep clean, or wash your Robot ,from time to time, with frequency dependent on number of cats, litter used, and climate.


You can review the manufacturers video here ( don't worry, its designed to be simple)



I dont throw out my litter when deep cleaning. My routine is:


  1. put in a clean liner for the waste drawer
  2. press EMPTY to dump the remaining litter
  3. put out the waste drawer for use as a manual litter tray whilst cleaning the Robot
  4. once the Robot is cleaned and dry and reassembled, tip the litter from liner into the Robot, replace liner in drawer and drawer in cavity, and let it cycle to clean
  5. top up as needed, press RESET and ready for another no-scooping period



If you prefer to do some touchup cleaning between deep cleans, the easiest way to access the globe and the base is to cycle the Litter-Robot until the DUMP position. Press CYCLE button once to pause cycling. Brush off any excess litter on chute sills and seals, and touch up or mini clean the globe and liner whilst the litter is in the pocket. When done, press CYCLE button again to complete the cycle.


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