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Litter-Robot: How do I get my cat to use the Litter-Robot?

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Litter-Robot: How do I get my cat to use the Litter-Robot?

In most cases, cats will quickly adapt to a new litter box. Having suitable litter in use in the manual system before introducing the new box shape is the best way to help your cat transition. However, if your cat is having a hard time adjusting to the Litter-Robot, we have included some suggestions that have worked for our customers in the past.

Tips to Get Your Cat to Use the Litter-Robot

  1. When starting out with the Litter-Robot, leave the base unit turned OFF. It is best to wait until you see evidence of consistent use before turning the base unit ON to use the automatic cycling. If a clean cycle is required during the introduction period, just run the cycle manually by turning the unit ON and then OFF again after the cycle has completed. Do stay present whilst this is happening, to reassure your cat all is normal. Once you feel your cat is comfortable using the Litter-Robot, you can then go to the automatic mode (leaving the unit ON).
  2. Keep the old litter box in the same room or next to the Litter-Robot and let it fill up. This will give your cat a choice between the clean Litter-Robot and a not-so-clean litter box.
  3. Put some soiled litter into the Litter-Robot and cycle, for a familiar scent.
  4. Place treats on the ledge or around the Litter-Robot so that your cat associates rewards with the unit. Its best not to put the treats inside the globe, as you do not normally feed your cat in its litter tray.
  5. Sit down with your kitty next to the unit. Comfort them and show them that the Litter-Robot is not to be feared.
  6. Another customer placed the globe on the floor and secured it so it would not rotate. Having the globe at eye level possibly helped the kitty to feel more comfortable entering the globe. A similar tactic is to build a temporary staircase of books, so your kitty can have a gentle and easy approach to check the new litter box out. 
  7. Since cats are curious and love to go into boxes, you might also try putting the original packaging box over the Litter-Robot with a hole cut out for the entry and the drawer. This is not recommended if you are considering returning your Robot, as you will need the original box for shipping purposes.


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