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Litter-Robot: Control Panel Button Functions

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Litter-Robot: Control Panel Button Functions

Each of the buttons on the control panel of the Litter-Robot have 2 functions. The first function is what is written on the button, for example, CYCLE or EMPTY. The second function is accessed by press and hold in the button, for 3-5 seconds. Each of the buttons has a different function, for example the CYCLE button is used to set the sleep mode, where the Litter-Robot can be set to not cycle for an 8 hour, repeating period, for light sleepers.

To learn about  button functions,  refer to your Quick Reference Guide, a coloured card that was provided with your manual when your Robot arrived. If you have mislaid the Quick Reference Guide, you can download it here:

The Guide will show you the different functions associated with each button on your Litter-Robot control panel.

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