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Litter-Robot: Bonnet Connection Issue and Slow Flashing Yellow Light

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Litter-Robot: Bonnet Connection Issue and Slow Flashing Yellow Light

Causes to check.

If the bonnet is not securely connected, the globe will not rotate, or may rotate and stop during the cycle. If you review the lights, the yellow light will blink slowly (1per second). Another cause could be that the black key on the back of the globe is not in the slot and it is lifting the bonnet., interrupting the cycle.

If the bonnet and key have been correctly assembled, and the yellow light is still  slow flashing and not allowing your Litter-Robot to cycle, we would ask you to please:

1. Turn off the Robot at the ON/OFF button, and take the black power supply jack out of the back of the base.

2.  Disconnect the bonnet

3. Gently flex the two front bonnet tabs outward to increase the clipping in pressure when installed again.



3. Reattach the bonnet, starting with the rear tabs, and finishing with the front tabs. 

You should feel a secure snap and hear a solid “click” when placed back into the slot, and the bonnet should sit closer to the base.

Please view the video on how to remove and replace the bonnet here:

While the bonnet is removed, also make surSlow flase the metal contact strips on the bonnet and the base are clean and free of dust or debris. There are 2 metal contact strips, or connectors, on the left side of the bonnet just underneath the black plastic housing. When the bonnet is connected, these make contact with 2 metal connectors on the top left side of the base. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth if necessary. Any black residue or corrosion does need to be removed to establish a good connection between the touch points, for power flow. Using fine sandpaper, or magic eraser, can help clean these.

Cleaning these metal connectors during your deep cleaning routine will help to maintain your Litter-Robot.

If the trouble persists, please check the nightlight connection. Check the 3 small LED globes located in the nightlight circuit board to ensure all are complete, undamaged and working.

Review the behaviour of the lights on the control panel at night, to check if the solid blue light stays on when the night light activates, or if it changes to slow flashing yellow. This indicates there is a power flow issue and you should clean your base and bonnet connectors. You can also purchase replacements for these parts, which are subject to wear, and simple to replace when needed.

Check the wires that run across the underside of the bonnet end in a micro connector that plugs into the circuit board inside the nightlight housing. Gently push this micro connector into the circuit board to ensure the connection.

The fin on the globe may be catching on the bonnet wires and causing the rotation to pause with a yellow flashing light. Check that the wire is still secure, and the clear cover in place with screw firm.

Have any of the wires been pulled loose or appear as if the arc of wires has been pulled to form a sharp angle rather than an even arc? If so, we would recommend securing the wires by taping them flat against the bonnet.


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