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How to Clean the Litter-Robot Automatic Litter Box

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How to Clean the Litter-Robot Automatic Litter Box

The best part about the Litter-Robot automatic, self-cleaning litter box is that it cleans itself, which means no more scooping for you! But occasionally, you’ll want to give your Litter-Robot a good, thoroughly clean to keep it in its best shape and to ensure that it looks nice and clean in your home. Because the Litter-Robot contains electronics, you’ll need to take the unit apart to effectively clean the Litter-Robot without harming its parts.

In this how-to Litter-Robot video, we’ll walk you through the process of taking apart the Litter-Robot parts so that you can gently wash all of the unit’s components. Just make sure to avoid using any harsh cleaners or chemicals, or putting the device’s electronic pieces in the way of moisture or cleaning solutions. You’ll also want to make sure you allow your Litter-Robot to fully dry before refilling it with clumping litter to avoid compromising the unit’s ability to sift and clean properly.

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