Kuinnie C 09/09/2020
Happy With The Help!
I have done what you have advised me with the nut and the kitten fresh sand, and everything is working now. I’m so happy and satisfied with the service you have given me through and through. Thank you very much!
Rebekah 09/09/2020
I had been thinking for a while to buy the litter robot and finally made the leap last week. Have not regretted it one bit!! The cats INSTANTLY took to it, I have 3 and one of them was a litter box snob who would rather pee on our bed if the litter tray was even slightly used. Have had zero incidents since purchasing. All three are using the robot comfortably and within a day I had removed 2/3 other litter trays and I haven't scooped a single poop since plugging the robot in. The robot was delivered within 2 business days and also came with a few bin liners and litter which was a very nice surprise and a great bit of customer service. 10/10 Thinking of getting another for downstairs.
Sarah H. 20/08/2020
Litter-Robot III Open Air Amazing!
Just wanted to pop back and say I’M IN LOVE with the Litter Robot….and my cats adjusted really well too lol.

Thank you for the amazing support which is also invaluable.

My only regret is I didn’t discover this wonderful invention sooner!
10 ???? from us lol
Tory 27/02/2019
I bought a Litter Robot earlier this year after seeing it in action at a cat show. I was pretty apprehensive about spending $1000 on a litter tray but this is so much more than a litter tray! I have 5 cats, so naturally, litter trays are the bane of my existence but the Litter Robot has ensured I never have to deal with that messy litter tray situation again. I absolutely recommend it for anyone who has multiple cats. I had a few issues at first working out the right type of litter to use but the people at Cat Evolution were so wonderful about helping me figure it out. After that, it was all smooth sailing. If you hate dealing with litter trays, this easy to use Litter Robot WILL change your life.
Alvava 27/02/2019
My cats (four of them) use it when it just arrived, how exciting! Spoil your cat and spoil yourself !!
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