Jo L. 17/12/2021
I have 12 cats and at least 8 use the unit on a regular basis. Some of them are solid builds (7+ kg) and several produce volumes of urine I wouldn't have thought their bladders could hold (large cats/lower urinary disease/ kidney disease). As the unit is meant for a household of 2-3, I think it may have being doing double time at minimum, and triple time as its usual workload ?. I used to have 10 litter trays in operation.
Am not a crazy cat lady, honest!!? - I just fostered and failed spectacularly.
I really appreciate the online support, the litterbot really has saved my sanity ?
Joy J. 16/12/2021
Thank you for the great service my part arrived yesterday and tonight we are back up and running. I appreciate the service and support I received.
Greg H. 26/11/2021
Happy to report that the replacement sensors arrived yesterday. I installed them today and everything is back up and running again.

Thanks so much!! You guys were fantastic as always
Jo L. 13/08/2021
Yahoo - we seem to be all fixed - so very relieved, managed the replacement fine, scooping abolished once again.
The YouTube clip made it really straightforward. 5 stars not at all appropriate. 6 or 7 stars would be a better reflection. I am a failed fosterer - I used to have many litter trays on the go, no we just have the litterbot, with two trays in storage for any quarantine/isolation requirements.
Jo D. 27/05/2021
Just to say robot has just arrived and I was here at my daughters house.
Also thank you for such an efficient and helpful service you provide its been a real pleasure dealing with you.
Now the fun begins!!
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