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  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    Yahoo - we seem to be all fixed - so very relieved, managed the replacement fine, scooping abolished once again. The YouTube clip made it really straightforward. 5 stars not at all appropriate. 6 or 7 stars would be a better reflection. I am a failed fosterer - I used to have many litter trays on the go, no we just have the litterbot, with two trays in storage for any quarantine/isolation requirements.

    Jo L.
  • Litter-Robot III Open Air Connect - Grey

    I would like to highly recommend cat evolution and their promise to refund the full amount on the rare occasion that cats will not transition to the litter robot. I unfortunately have an old Maine coon that despite everything just would not transition. After excellent advice and help from Mary I very sadly had to return the litter robot and true to their word they refunded the full amount of my purchase. I highly recommend cat evolution. They offer advice and support and in my case it didn't work, but there was no issue with the return and refund. Thank you cat evolution.

    Jo D.
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    Just to say robot has just arrived and I was here at my daughters house. Also thank you for such an efficient and helpful service you provide its been a real pleasure dealing with you. Now the fun begins!!

    Jo D.
  • Litter-Robot III Open Air DFI Kit including pinch detectors

    DIY is so easy if you just ensure you read instructions. Very confident now to know how our robot works and to keep me from scooping ? Happy furbabies ??

    Kerry T.
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    Repair went well and it’s back home doing it’s job. It’s the best thing ever!!!

    Alecia D Fold-a-Lots-Cattery
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    Thanks Mary, our older Litter Robot is back up and running! After trouble shooting and watching you-tube videos along with Litter Robot online support we identified the part that we needed to replace. The part was swiftly sent out to us (along with a detailed set of instructions on how replace). Now humans and cats are now happily enjoying our Litter Robot again and probably need to order another one... 5 stars for service!

    Hannah Grant, Tasanee Cattery
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    I fitted the sensors and it went back to full operation. Just wanted to thank you. It was a quick and accurate diagnostic. You certainly know your product like the back of your hand. We and our cats couldn’t be happier to have our robot back You guys deserve ten stars !

    Bing Han
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    The replacement cat sensor boards arrived yesterday thank you. My husband and I installed them last night and success! The litter robot is working again and my cat's gave me lots of love this morning. Thank you so much for your help and can't believe how clever you are at finding the fault from just a description of what is happening. You are the best. Definitely a five star rating on the speed of the parts arriving and all your information friendly conversation and knowledge and instructions being sent through.

    Cheryl and Andy H.
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    We received and installed the parts, and the robot is working perfectly! Thanks for your prompt service and excellent instructions ????

    Federico F.
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    Quick and easy! Highly recommended!!!

  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    The litter robot has changed our lives! I have no idea how we survived years of scooping out kitty trays multiple times a day as now I couldn’t imagine life without the Kitty Robot. It took a few weeks for the cats to get used to it but now they love it and so do we. Yes the initial outlay is costly but it's well worth the investment as not only is it hassle free but we are using at-least a third less litter than previously. I would highly recommend a litter robot to everyone who has an indoor cat.

  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    Thank you so much for helping us out with the additional robot – it makes life SO MUCH EASIER! ???? ????

    Jade M.
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    Worked purrfectly. Very easy to follow instructions. I am so grateful that all the problems I've ever had with my Litter Robots have been so easy to fix myself by following instructions from you guys.

    Tory R.
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    Life is so much easier with the litter robot. Have told sooo many people about it, hope it turns into a few sales for you. Thanks again, you have been fabulous to deal with. Keep up the great work.

    Jacki P.
  • Litter-Robot III Open Air Connect Upgrade Kit

    Got the wifi kit installed yesterday. Seems to be working well. Instructions are really good, though it's a bit odd that it says to use the power supply that comes with it rather than the one that came with the litter robot originally. They're identical, same model number and specs. And getting it to sync up with my phone or connect to the wifi took a couple tries. Other than that, no complaints.

    Ira H.
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    Just an update that our parts arrived today and my partner has just finished installing them. Very pleased to say the litter robot is up and running again without any further issues???? Thanks again for your awesome service and getting things organised and sent out to us so quickly.

    Nikita J.
  • Litter-Robot III Open Air Connect

    We are LOVING the Litter Robot! Our two Burmese boys took about a day to trust it but we haven’t looked back since. THANK YOU!I

    Lucy B.
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    Thank you heaps. That was a nice, easy fix. Very happy. Love your product. Best money I've ever spent. I am a major advocate for Litter Robots. I think everyone should have one.

    Tory R.
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    Me You Cube Dixykatz Merlot at Sunset (Persian) loves the cube she won at the NZCF national show held in Wellington at the beginning of June. A fabulous prize – thank you for being a sponsor.

    Dixykatz Persians
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    The Litter Robot is essential for our good lives because we no longer need to clean the litter box 3 to 4 times a day. Now we only need to empty the box every 2 to 3 days in hot weather or every 3 to 4 days in colder days. My cat is indoor/outdoor but he comes home to do his business instead of doing that in the garden.

    Gordon C.
  • LR3 DFI Kit

    Upgrade was reasonably simple for me, although it’s long and involved enough I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t enjoy that type of activity. The instructions and video are perfect. App setup was actually one of the easiest I have setup before. (But my router has both enabled at once and I typically put all “smart” devices on 2.4ghz and reserve the 5ghz for mobile, so just prepared/avoided any issues). My cats are not yet 1 year, so they jumped in immediately and it was just a matter of reducing the frequency of cleaning their old litter box to convince them to stop using it as a sandpit and properly transition them (the older litter smell no doubt helped).

    Jordan S.
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    Litter-Robot III Open Air Amazing! Just wanted to pop back and say I’M IN LOVE with the Litter Robot….and my cats adjusted really well too lol. Thank you for the amazing support which is also invaluable. My only regret is I didn’t discover this wonderful invention sooner! 10 ???? from us lol

    Sarah H.
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    Happy With The Help! I have done what you have advised me with the nut and the kitten fresh sand, and everything is working now. I’m so happy and satisfied with the service you have given me through and through. Thank you very much!

    Kuinnie C
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    I had been thinking for a while to buy the litter robot and finally made the leap last week. Have not regretted it one bit!! The cats INSTANTLY took to it, I have 3 and one of them was a litter box snob who would rather pee on our bed if the litter tray was even slightly used. Have had zero incidents since purchasing. All three are using the robot comfortably and within a day I had removed 2/3 other litter trays and I haven't scooped a single poop since plugging the robot in. The robot was delivered within 2 business days and also came with a few bin liners and litter which was a very nice surprise and a great bit of customer service. 10/10 Thinking of getting another for downstairs.

  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    This device is just awesome so clean tidy doesn't smell automation is fantastic to have brought two now one upstairs and one down that’s just how good they are well done and thanks a million.

    Glenn griffin
  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    My cats (four of them) use it when it just arrived, how exciting! Spoil your cat and spoil yourself !!

  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    I bought a Litter Robot earlier this year after seeing it in action at a cat show. I was pretty apprehensive about spending $1000 on a litter tray but this is so much more than a litter tray! I have 5 cats, so naturally, litter trays are the bane of my existence but the Litter Robot has ensured I never have to deal with that messy litter tray situation again. I absolutely recommend it for anyone who has multiple cats. I had a few issues at first working out the right type of litter to use but the people at Cat Evolution were so wonderful about helping me figure it out. After that, it was all smooth sailing. If you hate dealing with litter trays, this easy to use Litter Robot WILL change your life.

  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    I purchased a automatic Robot last November as soon as they arrived in New Zealand it has been the best pre Christmas present I have bought I have 2 Sphynx cats that were already trained with the Robot before I got them even my older Sphynx that had never seen or used one has taken to using it very quickly

  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    “The Litter Robot has revolutionized our lives! We save time and money on litter changing and the cats are happier. We recently upgraded to the latest model and it is so quiet!” Really loving it.

  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    We absolutely love our litter robots and so do the cats. I don’t know how we managed without them! Our litter robot is the best purchase we have made in a very long time. Perfect for indoor cats and they love it. Very happy.

  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    The Sphynx kids and us are enamoured with our new A.I friend. It has taken a couple of days but all three cats are using it now. The litter robot has changed our lives! We used to be a three litter-box household, with a twice a day emptying scheduled – and it was driving us a little nuts. Throughly digging the ‘no more scooping’ lifestyle.

  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    We are all good with the litter robot, its working great and makes our lives SO SO SO much easier!

  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    After spending a year with three new ragdoll cats and corresponding litter trays, I finally discovered the litter robot. This amazing piece of equipment has restored my sanity! Not only is it a constant source of entertainment for our rag’s, it is clean, quiet, doesn’t smell and is cost-effective with the clumping litter. It is music to my ears hearing it cycle and knowing that I am not having to scoop out the latest ‘deposit’. The service we have received has been fantastic, the litter bot arrived within a couple of days and I was updated on its journey progress while in transit. The payment system on the website is secure and post-purchase emails on transitioning tips were easy to follow and worked a treat – thank you!!

  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    The Litter Robot has proved to be a ‘sanity saver’. Four Sphynxs formerly meant four litter trays to be emptied and scrubbed and refilled both morning and night….a seemingly full time and never ending chore. With the Litter Robot I’ve uttered a final farewell to the bore of being a bathroom attendant. It is efficient, involves little real effort, is loved by my four legged friends and provides endless entertainment for the mischievous youngest who delights in the action.

  • Automatic Cat Litter-Robot III Open Air

    We love our litter robot! It’s made things safer for our toddler as there is nothing gross to touch and it has a child lock!! We put it on the shortest timer and its emptied 3 minutes after Ivy uses it. Perfect for pregnant woman too as it’s emptied without having to touch anything and it doesn’t smell so even hubby doesn’t mind doing it! Perfect for young families!

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