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27 May 2021
10 Mar 2021
21 Sep 2020
Mary September 21, 2020

How Long do Cats Live?

The tall tail is that cats have 9 lives. However, like all animals, there is a lifespan for cats and variation between breeds. A domestic short hair, mixed genetics, can live an average of 15 years, with the oldest known cat (so far) having just died aged 38years....
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24 Sep 2019
Mary September 24, 2019

5 Best Indoor Cat Breeds

Today, people are busy living their secluded lives aloof from each other. The materialistic lifestyle has made humans unmindful of fellow beings. Our inherent desire for companionship is pressed down under the weight of having to put up with the daily grind. In such events, a pet fluff ball proves t...
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27 Feb 2019
08 Aug 2018
31 Jul 2018
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